Event Registration

Registration Information


Late race entry and registration for all races will be held on Friday 10 January 3-7pm at the Green Room, Great Lake Centre, 5 Story Place, Taupo.


Participants will need to register and collect their race packs.


All competitors MUST bring their wetsuits and other equipment used during the swim to registration for inspection from DOC and the Check Clean Dry (CCD) team. Please note: This includes feeding equipment, googles and anything used on or in the water.


Wetsuits and equipment will be CCD checked and may need to be washed at registration. The Department of Conservation will have CCD cleaning equipment available.


Lake Taupo now has the foreign algae Lindavia, which can bloom to become Lake Snow. To ensure this does not spread CCD your wetsuit on exit from Lake Taupo if you are intending to swim in any other lake or river.


DOC will provide a CCD bin for post event. Soak in a 5% detergent mix for 1 min and dry wetsuit for 48hrs plus.


  Taupo Great Lake Centre location

                Registration location