Feeder Information

Key Info for 10km Swimmers


Epic Feeders

Feeders for the swimmers in the Epic Swim will be on a feeding boat at the far end of the course. These swimmers will be able to feed at 1.25km, 3.75km, 6.25km and 8.75km. The feed boat for the Epic swimmers will leave from the marina 8.45am sharp. Feeders should meet a SNZ staff member at the northern end of the Yacht Club at 8.40am to be taken to board and depart at 8.45am. If you are not there the boat will leave without you. Again a feeders tag will be given to all 10km swimmers when they collect their race packs and this will be required to gain access to the feeding boat. Feeders will be ferried back to the shore or via the feeding boat following the last swimmer passing the feeding boat.

It is your own responsibility to provide food and drinks for your swimmers. Food and drink bottles are not to be thrown to swimmers in the water, however Epic swimmers can be passed items over the side of the boat, or a feeding pole can be used. In the championship race feeding poles must be used in accordance with FINA Rules!

Feeders, make sure you have food for yourself, sunscreen, water, entertainment and some warm clothes!


Championship Feeders

Swimmers competing in the New Zealand Open Water 10km Championship race will have their feeding boat in position at the start end of the course. Feeders will be loaded onto the feeding boat in the marina and transported out into position. Feeders must meet a Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) staff member by the northern end of the Yacht Club at 8.30am to be taken to your vessel and depart at 8.35am sharp.  Individuals on this boat will be returned to shore once the final championship swimmer has started their final lap. All swimmers will be given a feeders tag for their feeder. Feeders will not be granted access to the feeding boat if they do not have a pass.



  • 8.30am: Championship feeders to meet at the northern end of the Yacht Club

  • 8.35am: Championship feeders boat to depart marina

  • 8.40am: Epic feeders to meet at the northern end of the Yacht Club

  • 8.45am: Epic feeders boat to depart marina


If you have any questions please contact the SNZ Events Team at epicswim@swimming.org.nz.


Check Clean Dry (CCD)

Championships and Epic 10km swimmers will be required to bring their feeder equipment to registration, along with their wetsuits, to be CCD checked by DOC. Please ensure you follow the CDD instructions on the event website.